Board of Governors

The Foundation and the school are under the responsibility of a Board of Governors whose members are appointed by representatives (or trustees) of the British community. The Governors appoint the Head who is responsible for the day to day running of St. Paul’s School and work hard to support her to ensure the continued excellence of the education it offers. The overall task of the Board of Governors is to ensure that the school runs successfully and smoothly in accordance with its stated aims. The Board of Governors meets approximately once per month and is responsible for overseeing general educational policy, long term strategic direction, development of infrastructure,  financial control and compliance with current rules and regulations.

Below is the current list of Governors and Trustees:


Her Most Gracious Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II


Her Majesty’s Ambassador to Brazil, Dr Vijay Rangarajan


  • Mr Douglas Munro (Senior Trustee)
  • Mr John Pacey
  • Mr Matthew Govier
  • Mr Andrew Macdonald, OBE


  • Mr Anthony Jezzi (Chairman – Old Paulean)
  • Mr Edward Weaver (Vice Chairman and Treasurer – Old Paulean)
  • Mrs Rhonda Watters (Secretary)
  • Mr Eduardo Mufarej (Board Member)
  • Mr Oliver Cunningham (Board member – Old Paulean)
  • Mr James Wilkinson (Board member)
  • Mr Richard Lawrence (Board member)
  • Mr Michael Betenson (Chairman of the Fundação Britânica de Beneficência)
  • Ms Joanna Crellin (Her Majesty’s Consul General in São Paulo)

Written correspondence for the attention of the Chairman should be addressed to: Chair of the Board, a/c St. Paul’s School, Rua Juquiá, 166, Jd. Paulistano, São Paulo – SP – 01440-903.  This can either be posted to the school or handed in a sealed envelope to the receptionist.