3rd Education Conference

The St. Paul’s School’s 3rd Education Conference, Nurturing Every Child was a three-day event bringing together educators and world-renowned speakers to exchange ideas and form networks, all related to the topic ‘Nurturing Every Child’, the event promises to be a forum for inspiration and debate.

Speakers from the UK, USA, Canada and Brazil came together to share the most up-to-date thinking in their specialist areas, speaking on topics as diverse as second-language learning, the challenges of single sex education, and leadership that inspires a culture of education where every child’s learning needs are met. Delegates were able to enhance their professional development and update their knowledge with the most successful and effective practices used in education today.

Following on from our 2012 conference, Educating to Keep Pace with Change, and our tremendously successful 2014 conference, Nurturing Excellence in All Learners: Changes and Challenges”, the 3rd edition of our Conference also equipped leaders and benefit learners from all over the world.