Scholarship Programme  

St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme

Having provided outstanding education for almost a century, St. Paul’s School has established a firm reputation as a place where strong tradition and innovation come together to help pupils flourish and contribute to the world as global citizens.   

The St. Paul’s Foundation aims to provide full scholarships for especially gifted children living in Brazil to study at St. Paul’s School. We are proud to define “gifted” in the broadest manner, be it in academic subjects, sports, music or the arts.   

We are a not-for-profit organisation, but do not see ourselves as a charity, rather an intermediary for fair exchange. Whilst our scholars will receive all of the advantages that St. Paul’s has to offer, they will in turn enrich our school environment with their special talents and alternative perspectives on life.   

About the scholarship

Candidates for the scholarships must be at least 13 years old and possess a pre-requisite level of academic and English language skills, in addition to their special talent. We aim to have our first scholars enter the school in August 2019. Both potential scholars and their immediate families will be closely involved in the selection process, with strict means testing being applied.

Further information will soon be available on this page about the selection process and how to apply. 

The St Paul’s Foundation brochure can be downloaded here.