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GreenPower success for St. Paul’s entrepreneurs

This October, 12 of our Senior School pupils headed to Rockingham Speedway in the UK for this year’s international round of the GreenPower racing challenge. This is the second year the school has taken part in the challenge, in which pupils work together to design, build, race, and secure sponsorship for an electric powered car. Started in the UK in 1999, the programme now involves more than 600 schools worldwide. GreenPower is an educational experience aimed at developing sustainable entrepreneurship among young Senior School pupils all over the world. The focus is on improving knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, developing joint learning, and promoting pupil-led extracurricular activities.

The Lion Racing BR car completed the gruelling one-hour race, finishing in 22nd place. This was a very impressive result considering that this is our second year and we were racing against some teams that have taken part on the GreenPower International Racing event for more than 15 years and a good number of teams take three or four years before being able to complete their first race. Although our car did arrive late, it made a powerful entry, with various teams and leaders gathering around the car throughout the weekend, looking impressed and wanting to know more about the car. This resulted in our team being awarded with the GreenPower IET Engineering Award for the most innovative project. This is a fantastic achievement and is certainly an award to be proud of.

Mozart Requiem performance at Mosteiro de São Bento

Last Saturday the school’s Choral Society performed Mozart’s wonderful Requiem at the beautiful Mosteiro de São Bento in the city centre. It was the first time that the choir had performed outside of the school, and we were absolutely delighted to perform to a huge and highly appreciative audience who rewarded us with a standing ovation at the end.

Mozart’s Requiem had been a significant but highly enjoyable challenge for the choir and we were delighted to perform with the excellent support of a number of fine musicians, including friends from the Teatro Municipal orchestra and soloists from USP, both institutions with which our Director of Music has enjoyed  a close association. Our own Miss Lima was one of the excellent soloists and we were joined by several other members of staff, parents, pupils and friends of the school in the choir.



The St. Paul’s School Choral Society is an amateur choir which comprises pupils, staff, parents, former pupils, parents of former pupils and friends of the school. It meets each Friday from 3.45 - 5 pm at the school with the aim of having fun and making music together. New members are always welcome and we are now preparing for Christmas Carol service in time for the performance on 12th December at 7 pm. Do please contact Mr Ward via our website contact form if you would like to join the choir.

Evidencing Success: How InCAS helps every Prep child to excel

At St. Paul’s School our key objectives are to ensure that we deliver a top quality British education to our pupils and enable them to achieve at the highest standards across all areas. Our pupils follow the English national curriculum delivered through the IPC (the international primary curriculum). Challenges come from the fact that we are a largely Brazilian cohort with regard to our pupils, so we have an immersion approach to developing their English language skills. That said, given that most speak Portuguese at home, this takes longer than it would in a more traditional UK prep school. We believe that each child has the right to excel, and our ambitious aim is to close the gap in reading as quickly as possible and help them move past their chronological age in their reading skills.

InCAS is a tool that helps our leadership team to measure Prep pupils’ progress throughout the academic year, and analyse the areas where they need most help. You can read more about the  unique benefits that inCAS offers St. Paul’s in Mrs Allum’s case study.

Record IB results for the class of 2017!

In 2015 we celebrated the best ever IGCSE results for the school and two years later, after an excellent sixth form, the class of 2017 have set a new school record for the best ever IB diploma results – with an average of 36 points from a possible 45 (world average, 30), 54% of the year group scored over 36 points and 100% of candidates successfully gained their diploma.  This is the biggest IB diploma class to date, and we could not be happier with their success.

The year group is celebrating success across the board, with 51 of the 56 candidates achieving the prestigious bilingual diploma in Portuguese and English (world average approximately 20%) and 9 scoring maximum points on their extended essay, theory of  knowledge and creativity, action and service elements.  They have worked extremely hard and should be justly pleased and proud of their excellent academic achievements.

Special congratulations go to the 13 pupils whose score of over 40 puts them in the top 2% of IB diploma holders in the world.  The best score in the school was awarded to our outgoing school captain, who, as well as being an extremely committed leader of the prefect team, found the time to study hard and score a perfect 45 points.  He deserves special mention; this is no mean feat.

The class of 2017 have some exceptional university offers waiting for them, in the best UK (Russell Group), USA (Ivy League) and Brazilian universities.  They will be excellent university undergraduates and they go with our best wishes and hope for an outstanding college career.

Many thanks to all who have supported these young men and women to such success; teachers, parents and family members have all played their part and we thank them for assisting these boys and girls in their school careers so far.  Congratulations!

St. Paul's student magazine

The Lion

Introducing our new pupil-run magazine

We are delighted to announce the arrival of an exciting new project at St. Paul’s: The Lion online magazine written and produced entirely by pupils for pupils.

A group of talented sixth form pupils have single-handedly created, designed and produced a fully functioning, high-quality online magazine. Together they form the editorial team, with articles being written by pupils from across the Senior School. The Lion features articles that reflect school life as well as wider issues and interests relevant to pupils at St. Paul’s.

What does the Syrian refugee crisis mean for Brazil? Did we ever land on the moon? How do you make the perfect brigadeirão?  What have the latest Senior School trips and visits really been like? New to São Paulo and looking for the best places to go? What are the latest sixth form fashion trends? Who is the St. Paul's artist of the month?

You can find the answer to all these questions, and much more, in the first ever issue of The Lion.

School festival 2017

The St. Paul’s School festival held on Saturday 29th April was, once again, a wonderful  celebration and it was great to see parents, pupils and staff come together in this way to support and celebrate learning. The school’s community spirit has never been stronger, and this was really encouraging to see. Long may it continue!