IB Music

In the Sixth Form, pupils study the IB. The purpose of the IB music course is to provide a strong foundation for the further study of music at university level or in music career pathways as well as an enriching course of study leading to lifelong participation in the world of music for all pupils, regardless of their eventual career choice.

Pupils will develop knowledge and awareness of the history and evolution of music from both western art music and non-western cultures and will be able to identify, evaluate, and reflect upon the similarities and differences of any two musical works. To do this, they will need knowledge of the musical fundamentals of melody, medium, harmony, meter, form, style, context, and technique, together with appropriate musical vocabulary.

They will also apply this knowledge to the development of their individual musicianship skills as both performers and creators, with numerous opportunities to perform, compose, and arrange music. In all components, pupils will engage in a combination of teacher-directed studies, independent research, and group research projects.

In addition to these musical applications, pupils will also explore broader issues of musical context, the role of music in the history of humankind, artistic standards, and the relationship of music to other disciplines. IB pupils are expected to learn an instrument or to have vocal lessons and take part in ensemble music within the school.