Charity and community service

“Community Service- noun- a voluntary work intended to be for the common good, usually done as part of an organised scheme. These words have become a part of my Paulean identity. This noun has changed the way I see and approach my society and our global community.”
Letícia, Class of 2016

Charity and community service are extremely important at St. Paul’s School, as they teach our pupils compassion and empathy, that they are part of a larger community, and that we are responsible for everyone around us. Our strong programme of outreach activities make us more aware of the world we live in and teaches us to care for those less fortunate than ourselves. That knowledge and understanding, stays with us our whole life. A little help can go a long way.

These are just some of the institutions we are currently helping:

We regularly visit the different institutions we work with and invite the children and adults from these to come and spend a morning, afternoon or a day at school. For example our Pre-Prep children enjoy playing with the Liga Solidária children at their annual sports event, and the PP3 children take their class books to read to small children at the crèches and invite groups of children to visit our playground. Prep 5 pupils visit the homes for the elderly supported by the British Society, and spend time playing games with them and listening to their stories. In the Senior School, pupils make regular visits to the Liga Solidária crèches where they offer practical help by washing and cleaning materials and toys, gardening and basic maintenance work. Sixth Form pupils also explore the importance of community service in more depth through their practical activities completed as a compulsory part of Creativity, Action and Service), one of the core subjects of the IB Diploma. Recent projects completed as part of the course have included fundraising and practical outreach work in some of the poorest districts of the outskirts of São Paulo as well as independent pupil projects as far away as Nepal.

Across all areas of the school, we collect items to donate, and money to buy Christmas and Easter presents.  We find different ways to raise money and awareness in order to help others feel loved.