PTA (Parent Teacher Association)

The PTA is an important organisation within the school community, and works hard to support the school. The main aims of the PTA, which has its own charter (click here), are to foster understanding between parents and the school and to promote events with the aim of raising money for charity and enriching pupils’ learning experience at the school. These range from uniform sales to Christmas bazaars. The PTA’s flagship event is the highly popular International Day, usually held on a Saturday in April or May. A large number of parents volunteer to manage country stands that represent cultural themes from across the world and hundreds of parents, children and visitors come to support the event.

PTA Membership

All parents or guardians of pupils become members of the PTA at the date of entry of the pupil(s) to the school and relinquish membership on the leaving date of the pupil(s). All members of the academic staff are members of the PTA.

PTA Committee

The PTA elections for year group representatives on the PTA committee take place in June of each year. One parent is elected to represent each year group. Voting takes place by secret ballot and before the end of term. Parents of pupils at St. Paul’s can contact their PTA reps by visiting the PTA page in My School Portal.