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St. Paul’s School is a member of a number of national, regional and international organisations that allow the high educational standards we have set to be maintained. All these organisations offer support, training and opportunities to network with other British schools and remain current with respect to the British standards and educational developments.

In 2012 we became the first South American School to be formally recognised by the UK government as a British School Overseas. In December 2015 we were inspected again, and achieved excellence in many areas of school life, thus renewing our BSO accreditation. In 2019, there was a new inspection and we achieved excellence by meeting all the Standards for BSO.  To find out more you can read the full 2019 inspection report.

Brazilian School accreditation

Escola Britânica de São Paulo – St. Paul’s School has been accredited by the State of São Paulo since 1982 as a bilingual bicultural school.  This means that all requirements set by Federal Law 9394/96 are met and that pupils have their studies recognised in Brazil, according to the year correspondence table below.

Pre-Preparatory 1 Educação Infantil Nursery
Pre-Preparatory 2 Educação Infantil Reception
Pre-Preparatory 3 Educação Infantil Year 1
Preparatory 1 1º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 2
Preparatory 2 2º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 3
Preparatory 3 3º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 4
Preparatory 4 4º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 5
Preparatory 5 5º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 6
Form 1 6º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 7
Form 2 7º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 8
Form 3 8º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 9
Form 4 - IGCSE 9º ano do Ensino Fundamental Year 10
Form 5 - IGCSE 1ª série do Ensino Médio Year 11
Lower Sixth - IB 2ª série do Ensino Médio Year 12
Upper Sixth - IB 3ª série do Ensino Médio Year 13

Brazilian pupils attending St. Paul’s have the unique opportunity of being exposed to a curriculum comparable to other Brazilian schools, as well as learning in English. The school curriculum is designed with an integrated and transdisciplinary approach to subjects in order to offer a strong Portuguese and Brazilian Studies programme from Prep to Senior School. At the end of twelve successful years of education (ensino básico), pupils are entitled to receive their Certificado de Conclusão do Ensino Médio, and are well prepared to continue their studies in Brazilian universities.

Read below the documents required by the Ministério de Educação e Cultura (MEC):

Proposta Pedagógica

Regimento escolar 2021