Mission, vision and values

Releasing the passion to achieve the best in yourself 

At St. Paul’s we always strive to be our better selves. We have the courage of our convictions, essential values, freedom to imagine and create. 

This is achieved through our high quality British and Brazilian holistic education which drives the personal and academic development of pupils, within a framework of a caring, inclusive and united community. The school is a positive agent of change, helping its pupils to be caring individuals ready to inspire and mobilise those around them to impact the world for the best.  


St. Paul’s School Values 



Pauleans aspire to be the best we can be in our work, relationships and in life. Aspiration is released through outstanding teaching, exciting learning, holistic enrichment and supportive pastoral care. Our pupils achieve astonishing academic success and go on to top universities around the world. Thereafter, they enjoy happy and fulfilled lives whilst remaining true to the high values of the school. 



Childhood should be an adventure and, even as adults, we must never forget the wonderment of new discoveries and the thrill of going beyond our perceived limits. Our young people are challenged and engaged both within the classroom and beyond and, through adventure, learn much about themselves and the world around them. 



We celebrate our identity as an all-ability school that welcomes all talents, cultures and backgrounds. Pauleans are many things, but most of all they are themselves and we work with parents to ensure their children become the very best they can be within our caring, inclusive and tolerant community. 



The outstanding St Paul’s education bestows many advantages upon pupils but also instils within them with a sense of responsibility, duty and service. As they prepare for life beyond school, they learn to value their social obligations to their families and peers, their communities, their country and to the world. 



In nurturing the best from our pupils, we understand that learning to cope with challenges and setbacks is fundamental to leading happy and fulfilled lives. St. Paul’s is a safe and supportive community where pupils are stretched, challenged, encouraged and recognised for their efforts. 


St. Paul’s is a school but it is also
 a family for life those lucky enough to join as pupils, parents or staff. This community is sustained by kindnessCompassion, care and respect lie at the heart of our nurturing pastoral ethos that puts the interests of the child at the heart of all that we do.