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Why St. Paul's

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At St. Paul’s, we believe in releasing passion to achieve the best in everyone. We should strive to be better in all that we do, in work and play, every day. An innovative, structured curriculum, combined with excellent teaching, state of the art facilities, and the best in pastoral care, equip pupils to achieve that.  

Our culturally diverse community of pupils of over thirty nationalities includes girls and boys aged 3 to 18. As members of a strong and united community, Pauleans are equipped with everything they need to be global citizens that make a difference. Our mission is to provide a high quality British and Brazilian education for the personal and academic development of pupils within a framework of a caring and united community. 

In this, they are sustained by our six Core Values: Aspiration, Adventure, Responsibility, Resilience, Inclusion and – above all – Kindness. 

Our values shine through in our pupils, and we are very proud of all that they achieve, whether that is on the stage in the theatre, on the sports field, in their music making, in their community service activities or, indeed, in their academic studies.  

Our values


Kindness stands foremost as our most important value. St. Paul’s is a school but it is also a family for life those lucky enough to join as pupils, parents or staff. This community is sustained by compassion, care and respect for all. Kindness lies at the heart of our nurturing pastoral ethos and puts the interests of the child at the heart of all that we do. 


In nurturing the best from our pupils, we understand that learning to cope with challenges and setbacks is key to leading happy and fulfilled lives. St. Paul’s is a safe and supportive community where pupils are stretched, challenged, encouraged and recognised for their efforts. 


The outstanding St Paul’s education bestows many advantages upon pupils but also instils within them with a sense of responsibility, duty and service. As they prepare for life beyond school, they learn to value their social obligations to their families and peers, their communities, their country and to the world. 


We celebrate our identity as a progressive, innovative, all-ability school that welcomes all talents, cultures and backgrounds. Pauleans are many things, but most of all they are themselves and we work with our staff and parents to ensure their children become the very best they can be within our caring, inclusive and tolerant community. 


Childhood should be an adventure and, even as adults, we must never forget the wonder of new discoveries and the thrill of going beyond our perceived limits. Our young people are challenged and engaged both within the classroom and beyond and, through adventure, learn much about themselves and the world around them. 


Pauleans aspire to be the best we can be in our work, relationships and in life. Aspiration is released through outstanding teaching, exciting learning, holistic enrichment and supportive pastoral care. Our pupils achieve astonishing academic success and go on to top universities around the world. Thereafter, they enjoy happy and fulfilled lives whilst remaining true to the high values of the school.

“The quality of the pupils’ learning and achievement is excellent.”BSO report 2019

“Pupils’ awareness of human and social issues are exceptional. They have an extensive knowledge of international political and environmental issues, stimulated by the curriculum.”BSO report 2019

Our facilities

Pupils at St. Paul’s School benefit from both its rich history and its innovative, modern facilities. The school is situated in the leafy residential area aptly named Jardins, in São Paulo. We seek excellence and modernity in all contexts, and this is clearly reflected in the services and spaces we offer.  

The site has undertaken an almost continuous programme of building works over the past 25 years as it has gradually grown. This includes extensive refurbishment and extension of the original school building, the creation of a Sixth Form centre and a full refurbishment of the Pre-Prep School area. In 2014 we inaugurated a multimillion dollar underground state of the art sports centre including basketball and volleyball courts, and a full-size heated swimming pool. In 2016 we celebrated 90 years of excellent education by opening the Queen Elizabeth II Academic Centre, which houses a learning resources centre, art studios, music school with the latest recording facilities, and 10 modern science laboratories. 

Looking ahead, we have embarked on ambitious plans which include a complete redesign of the Prep School, the creation of an Outdoor Centre and the development a state-of-the-art onsite Innovation Centre. 

There are lots of modern buildings: the sports centre, the learning resources centre, where you can play sports, get a book and play instruments and much more"Manuela, pupil

St. Paul's is an amazing school with many great resources that will help us learn and develop new skills"Giovana, pupil

Our history

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Swimming pool at St. Paul's, 1930s