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Why St. Paul's

Our values


Kindness stands out as our most important value. Without it, our skills, achievements and ambitions count for nothing if they are not demonstrated in a way that respects others. If we show kindness and compassion to each other, it ensures that we all feel valued, but it also sets the finest of examples to our pupils. Whether as an adult or a child, to be a Paulean means to be kind; it’s as simple as that.


Schools are inspiring places of work, and provide many rewarding experiences but they can also be challenging. By encouraging everyone to do their best, we have learnt that coping with new situations and challenges helps us achieve the best possible outcomes – for ourselves and our pupils. St. Paul’s is a safe and supportive community where everyone is stretched, challenged, encouraged and recognised for their efforts. 


We all take our professional responsibilities seriously.  These reflect our own professional practice. Supported by line managers and the Human Resources department, all staff target their own professional goals and develop themselves to become the best they can be.  


As adults we should never forget the wonder of making new discoveries and the thrill of exceeding our own perceived limits. Our staff are life-long learners who continue to develop and challenge themselves in the classroom and beyond. By maintaining an adventurous approach to life, we continue to learn a lot about ourselves and the world around us. 


St. Paul’s is an inclusive community, so we welcome applications from committed professionals regardless of their cultural, ethic, sexual, social or national identity. We believe that school life should reflect the modern, diverse world for which our pupils are being prepared.


As Pauleans, we aspire to be the best we can be in our work, relationships and in life. As with our pupils, our staff should strive towards continuous improvement, constantly seeking to do their best in everything that they do. Clearly, we can’t get everything right all the time, but by applying our values, we can exceed our expectations individually and as a school.  

Hear from our staff

Adam, Prep teacher

Everyone is super friendly at St. Paul’s. The environment is great, and I always tell my class how lucky they are for being part of this community.

Adam Fletcher, Prep School teacher