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Senior School pupils in the school library

The highest academic standards are upheld at St. Paul’s School, and pupils are encouraged to reflect on their own learning and monitor their own progress. Pupils, parents and teachers work together effectively to support pupils’ achievements, meaning that they leave us equipped to enter the best universities in Brazil, the United Kingdom, the United States through participation in international public examinations. 

The school provides a carefully structured, integrated and diversified curriculum. This not only prepares pupils for examinations but also develops the key skills for success beyond school: numeracy, literacy, critical analysis, problem solving, mental agility and creativity. 

We provide pupils with rich and varied contexts to acquire, develop and apply their knowledge and skills.  

At St. Paul’s, the curriculum is designed to stimulate independent thinking and a lifelong passion for learning and intellectual life in its broadest sense. 

The school offers so much for us. It makes us want to engage with the school and have the best experience we can, from day 1 to final days of school"Sophia, class of 2020

 Not only does the teacher push pupils to become the best they can be, but the school, the faculty, also pushes the teachers to be the best they can be .”benjamin, senior school pupil

Learning Ethos

We believe that learning should be challenging, inclusive and empowering. Pupils need to be stretched and encouraged to go beyond their perceived limits

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The St. Paul’s curriculum is aligned with the English National Curriculum incorporating the UK National Curriculum, Cambridge IGCSEs and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. We also incorporate the requirements laid out by the Brazilian Core Curriculum.  

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