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Exams results

Exams' results

IB Diploma Programme

In July, along with more than 170,000 other pupils throughout the globe, our 2021-22 Upper Sixth leavers celebrated their excellent results in the IB Diploma Programme. The average score of St. Paul's pupils achieving the IB Diploma is 34.6 points, higher than in 2019, before the pandemic, and when pupils sat their exams under the same conditions. Given that this cohort has endured having to study almost half of their IB courses online, and that they did not take IGCSE exams two years ago, we are proud about the excellent results and overall scores.   
Some 13% of the individual grades were 7s and we are especially proud of our seven high fliers who scored 40 or more points out of a possible maximum of 45. Across the board the results were excellent.  The top score in each subject is 7 and some subjects have done exceptionally well with high proportions of 6 and 7 grades. They all deserve our congratulations for their efforts and success.   


In August 2022, it was the time to celebrate some of the best numbers in the school’s last five years in the Cambridge IGCSEs. Sixty-two per cent of our 2021-22 Form 5s pupils’ grades were A*-A, and 35% were A*. This is St. Paul’s best result for many years, quite possibly ever, which includes the pandemic period, when pupils had no exams. Overall, 85% of the grades are A*-B. These figures cover 81 candidates – one of our largest ever cohorts. This is a remarkable achievement, and every pupil is to be congratulated on their individual success!  
It has been a most demanding year for pupils. All of them have worked extremely hard to overcome the pandemic’s many challenges, in order to obtain their qualifications and advance with their next educational steps.  

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