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Work Shadowing Programme

St. Paul’s Mentorship and Work Shadowing Programme

The St. Paul’s Mentorship and Work Shadowing Programme provides opportunities for our community to come together and connect young Pauleans leaving the school with talents and resources within the school. It aims to enrich mentors and mentees alike through a mutually beneficial experience, and equip our pupils with transferable skills for their first steps in the world beyond the school.

Our community has a vast number of successful professionals spanning myriad fields, parents and Old Pauleans, in Brazil and overseas. It is only natural that our pupils and young professionals should take advantage of this talented network to help them with mentorship and work shadowing experience before applying to colleges and universities.

One of the IB programme’s aims is to offer pupils the chance to experience professional opportunities in areas of interest before they apply to colleges or universities. The mentorship scheme also provides ample scope to collect primary data in real working environments, to inform the Extended Essay, a crucial element of the IB programme.

For mentors, this programme is a chance to inspire our young Pauleans with transferable skills and knowledge, and to “give back”, by deepening their connections with the school community.

“This [mentorship programme] experience gave me insight into what it is like to work in the business field, which further convinced me that a Business Management university degree is a suitable fit for me. It also motivated me to research more about entrepreneurship, which led me to reintroduce the TED club at my school”.

Sofia (class of 2021).

“This experience showed me the amount of preparation and studying that goes in before contacting these companies. This internship was a great opportunity to see what work is like within a real company and for me to see what practices work. Having more companies offer internships for students would allow us to learn what life is like working within the industries we’re more likely to apply to”

Saul (class of 2021).