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As a British School, we have created a special Bursary Fund to support UK families wanting a first-class British education for their children but are unable to cover the full cost of the fees.

Funded by FABEC (Fundação Anglo Brasileira de Educação e Cultura), the St. Paul's Bursary Fund aims at assisting UK families requiring partial fee assistance depending on the results of means testing. This underscores St. Paul’s commitment as a British school to those from the United Kingdom who wish for a first-class UK education for their children.

Bursary Fund information

This is offered to British families who are not able to cover the full fee at the school. Funds will be available to Senior and Junior School pupils.

  • To be eligible, the child and one parent (or legal guardian) must be current UK passport holders and the British parent must have lived in the UK for at least 10 years. It is not necessary for either be born in the UK, as the passport may have been obtained for other reasons, such as parental nationality or meeting residency qualifications.
  • It is a partial fee assistance, which means that the level of assistance is capped at 40% of the school tuition fee.
  • It is not time limited, but annually reviewed based on pupil’s performance and behaviour.
  • Applicant is expected to be a positive, active and constructive pupil. Pupil coming from another school will be asked to provide a report from the current school, school reports and to sit current admissions assessment.
  • This award is means tested and subject to verifiable documentary evidence of British nationality and residence. The financial needs of the family will also be assessed.
  • The student’s family shall not have any outstanding debt with FABEC.


Application process

  1. Application: Pupils will apply using the application form below. For the St. Paul’s Bursary Fund, family shall also present the UK passport of the parents/guardians and evidence of residence in the UK for past 10 years. Proof of past address, employment or tax payment are examples of documentation usually accepted by FABEC as proof of residence.
  2. Assessment: If places are available on the year group of interest, applicant will be invited to an assessment day at which their academic progress and levels of English will be reviewed. No documentation shall be provided at this point.
  3. Submit finance documents: The family will have to present the last years’ full income tax reports for both parents, as well as balance sheets for any companies under their names. This may be followed up by a meeting with the bursar, if needed. 
  4. Outcomes: Bursar will then recommend (or not) the case to the Bursary Subcommittee with a suggestion of percentage (%) assistance and time frame. Subcommittee will endorse/reject/adapt the request - and records will be kept of all decisions. The Subcommittee will normally comprise of the Chairman, Treasurer, Headmaster, Bursar and Registrar.

If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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