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Scholarships & Bursaries

St. Paul’s has launched an ambitious and exciting Five-Year Strategic Plan with a bold vision for the school’s centenary in 2026 and beyond. A key part is the expansion of the scholarship programme to open St. Paul’s to ever greater diversity of talent and ensuring that the school is no longer just available to those lucky enough to afford the fees. This has included the very recent creation of the St. Paul’s Endowment, an innovative initiative to raise funds and help the school to achieve its centennial target of having 10% of its Senior School pupils in receipt of financial assistance.  

The endowment supports the work of the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme. The Foundation’s mission is to offer fully funded places for the education of talented children living in Brazil, whose family income cannot cover the costs of an international education.   

The St. Paul’s Endowment also provides for the Bursary Fund, to support candidates who are not eligible to apply to the St. Paul’s Foundation. These are pupils who are making good progress and may be eligible to a partial fee assistance depending on the results of means testing. Parents of the school who are working to overcome a temporary financial hardship will also have the assistance of the endowment.   

If you want to learn more about the scholarship programme or the St. Paul’s Endowment, send a message to  

Scholarship programme

The St. Paul's Foundation's mission is to select and prepare young talents to study at St. Paul's.

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If you want to find out more about partial scholarships, send a message to,