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The Old Paulean

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Do you want to hear from your colleagues? Where are the Old Pauleans and what are they up to? Read The Old Paulean, a special section featuring former St. Paul’s pupils. 

Emiliano Rodrigues, class of 2016

Emiliano’s journey as a Paulean started the day he applied for the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme. It’s been five years since Emiliano left school and, since then, he has achieved brilliant milestones, from a full scholarship at Stanford University to taking over as a product manager at Goldman Sachs in New York.  

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Stephanie Bonduki Salem, class of 2011

Stephanie is the young face and hands behind PrepMe Education, a college counseling company founded by her at the age of 25 that helps students get into the best school and courses for them. Stephanie is above all a proud Old Paulean, class of 2011. While celebrating 10 years of leaving St. Paul’s, she also shares some reflections on what is so special about St. Paul’s.

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Cristina Betts, class of 1987

She was here for the school’s 50th anniversary in 1976, she saw Prince Charles visit in 1981, and she was the head girl in Form 5, to name but a few key memories. In 2013, she made school history by becoming our first female Chair of Governors. Cristina is a proud Old Paulean and parent at the school. 

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David Bobrow, class of 1991

David is an Old Paulean, class of 1991, and parent of three children currently studying at St. Paul’s. In this interview, David talks more about his experience as a St. Paul’s pupil and shares some of the key events in his professional life that helped him to strive.

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