Grace E. Downey

Old Paulean, class of 1995

Following her studies in Brazil, and after graduating from Belas Artes, Grace went on to teach PE for various years in São Paulo. She also played professional soccer for Corinthians, before taking up a scholarship to play in the USA, where she lived for one year.

Her passion for sports, the outdoors and travel eventually inspired her to pursue her dream and set off with her husband on a three and a half year “round the world” adventure by car. On their return, they launched a book “Challenging Your Dreams – Uma Aventura Pelo Mundo”, before another expedition, this time around Brazil. Once again, it resulted in another book “Challenging Your Dreams – Brasil Por Terra”.

Her passion for travel continues strong with her latest project “Overlander”. A platform and magazine about overlanding in general, providing a place for travellers to share their experiences and find out about all that is going on.

Presently, Director at both Challenging Your Dreams and Overlander, she offers lectures (motivational and recreational) as well as photo exhibitions and travel consultancy.

Grace has also been an active member of the Scout Movement all her life and is now voluntary President of the Carajás Scout Group as well as Leader of the Girl Scouts Troop.