Marcela Jirousek Lemos Monteiro

Class of 1972, left St. Paul’s in 1969

When I arrived from South Africa at the age of eight, I knew not a word of Portuguese. My parents, of Czech origin, enrolled me at St Paul’s in 1961 and I left in 1969 to prepare myself for a Brazilian University.

I chose Agronomy at Esalq and not only did I leave Piracicaba graduated as married to an agronomist as well.

We took over my husband’s family ranch in Pantanal, therefore moved to Campo Grande, MS, the nearest big town. Our three boys also are agronomists, and we co-share different activities and responsibilities raising Brangus cattle. Lots of work in a beautiful environment. Riding, photographing and painting are my favourite hobbies.

So now, I tell my six grandchildren many stories, among them about my studying at St. Paul’s School and how much I learnt there and how important it was to prepare me for life.

In 1968 at St. Paul’s was greeted by Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip, who asked me about my being so small and already wearing a prefect badge.