Patricia Dagmar Jirousek

I was born in Naples, Italy, in 1950. My parents were Czech refugees at the time having fled Communist Czechoslovakia in 1948. At the age of 8 months, I was taken by my parents to South Africa where they had received a Work Permit from a Czechoslovak citizen who had a brickfield.

After the first racial manifestations in Sharpeville, our family decided to move to São Paulo. That is when both of us started at St. Pauls School. I studied there from Jr 5-Form 5 and later I studied Social Sciences. After a car accident, I decided that I really had wanted to study Fine Arts and continued at FAAP from 1972-1976.

I married in São Paulo, and all three children were born there.

In 1988 the whole MILITZER family moved to Toronto, Canada. I started an Art Therapy formation in Toronto, together with a Biography course. Then moved back to Brazil, this time to Florianopolis. Since then, I paint and exhibit, living in Florianopolis close to two of my children and their families.

I am very grateful for having learnt English in South Africa and then continuing at St. Paul’s. My school life was exciting hearing different British accents from teachers who came from various Commonwealth countries. Not only did we study British culture through literature, grammar, geography, history but also Brazilian language, literature, geography, history and Portuguese literature (all of which became obligatory in my last years there).