Renee Lewin Gorsky

Class of 1970 (left St. Paul’s in Form 4, 1967)

I am an Old Paulean and finished Form IV in June 1967. A big party celebration was done in the old Assembly Hall. I then went to Liceu Eduardo Prado and finished high school.

For college, I went to FAAP and, for graduate studies, I went to Universidade Mackenzie for Business Administration. For five years, I worked at Banco Lar Brasileiro (Chase Manhattan Bank). In September 1979, I left Brazil to get a Master of Science at Adelphi University in Banking and Money Management. Upon graduation, I moved to Montreal, Canada, and worked for six years for The Royal Bank of Canada. Got my Green Card, and a banking job at Riggs National Bank, today it is PNC Bank, in Washington DC. I still live in the area – Arlington, Virginia, and I am now retired. I married Jeff Gorsky in November 1989 and have two daughters, Laura and Adrianna. I often go to São Paulo to visit my parents.