Monthly Archives: May 2017

St. Paul's student magazine

The Lion

Introducing our new pupil-run magazine

We are delighted to announce the arrival of an exciting new project at St. Paul’s: The Lion online magazine written and produced entirely by pupils for pupils.

A group of talented sixth form pupils have single-handedly created, designed and produced a fully functioning, high-quality online magazine. Together they form the editorial team, with articles being written by pupils from across the Senior School. The Lion features articles that reflect school life as well as wider issues and interests relevant to pupils at St. Paul’s.

What does the Syrian refugee crisis mean for Brazil? Did we ever land on the moon? How do you make the perfect brigadeirão?  What have the latest Senior School trips and visits really been like? New to São Paulo and looking for the best places to go? What are the latest sixth form fashion trends? Who is the St. Paul's artist of the month?

You can find the answer to all these questions, and much more, in the first ever issue of The Lion.

School festival 2017

The St. Paul’s School festival held on Saturday 29th April was, once again, a wonderful  celebration and it was great to see parents, pupils and staff come together in this way to support and celebrate learning. The school’s community spirit has never been stronger, and this was really encouraging to see. Long may it continue!