Evidencing Success: How InCAS helps every Prep child to excel

At St. Paul’s School our key objectives are to ensure that we deliver a top quality British education to our pupils and enable them to achieve at the highest standards across all areas. Our pupils follow the English national curriculum delivered through the IPC (the international primary curriculum). Challenges come from the fact that we are a largely Brazilian cohort with regard to our pupils, so we have an immersion approach to developing their English language skills. That said, given that most speak Portuguese at home, this takes longer than it would in a more traditional UK prep school. We believe that each child has the right to excel, and our ambitious aim is to close the gap in reading as quickly as possible and help them move past their chronological age in their reading skills.

InCAS is a tool that helps our leadership team to measure Prep pupils’ progress throughout the academic year, and analyse the areas where they need most help. You can read more about the  unique benefits that inCAS offers St. Paul’s in Mrs Allum’s case study.

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