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IGCSE results St, Paul's School 2017

Great results to start the new school year!

We are delighted with the fantastic IGCSE results that our new L6 IB pupils have received today.  The IGCSE, taken by many thousands of 16 year olds in British schools in the UK and around the world is a top class qualification and is excellent preparation for sixth form studies and for university life beyond.

This year we are especially proud of Henrique, who not only secured a ‘top in the world’ certificate for his maths (taken early in November) but also secure top grades, A* in every single subject.  This is exceptional and he should be very proud indeed.  Chloe, Richard, Silvia, Henry and Gian Paolo all did brilliantly too, scoring nothing less than an A across all their subjects.  A further 16 pupils in the year group secured at least 6 A grades or better and special mention must go to a very happy family of twins, Martina and Isabela who between them scored 15 A/A* grades.  Congratulations to them all!

Top scoring departments include Spanish and French with 72% A* and 71% respectively, and the sciences, with an average of 62% A/A* across biology, physics and chemistry.

Many congratulations to the pupils and their teachers and parents who have supported them.  They have worked really hard to do so well and we wish them every success as they embark on their IB diploma and the next phase of their educational journey.