Monthly Archives: October 2017

GreenPower success for St. Paul’s entrepreneurs

This October, 12 of our Senior School pupils headed to Rockingham Speedway in the UK for this year’s international round of the GreenPower racing challenge. This is the second year the school has taken part in the challenge, in which pupils work together to design, build, race, and secure sponsorship for an electric powered car. Started in the UK in 1999, the programme now involves more than 600 schools worldwide. GreenPower is an educational experience aimed at developing sustainable entrepreneurship among young Senior School pupils all over the world. The focus is on improving knowledge in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) subjects, developing joint learning, and promoting pupil-led extracurricular activities.

The Lion Racing BR car completed the gruelling one-hour race, finishing in 22nd place. This was a very impressive result considering that this is our second year and we were racing against some teams that have taken part on the GreenPower International Racing event for more than 15 years and a good number of teams take three or four years before being able to complete their first race. Although our car did arrive late, it made a powerful entry, with various teams and leaders gathering around the car throughout the weekend, looking impressed and wanting to know more about the car. This resulted in our team being awarded with the GreenPower IET Engineering Award for the most innovative project. This is a fantastic achievement and is certainly an award to be proud of.