St. Paul’s Foundation releases scholars’ selection process for 2020

The St. Paul’s Foundation has just opened the selection process to find scholars for entry to St. Paul’s School in August 2020. Candidates can apply for scholarships from 1st February to 31st March 2019, via the St. Paul’s Foundation website.

The first step of the selection process is to complete an application form and send documentation for analysis. The selection will include visits to St. Paul’s, tests, interviews and a one-year preparation period, including an English immersion course. To apply for the scholarship programme, candidates must meet all of the criteria listed below:

  • To be aged from 11 to 15.
  • Have a maximum family income threshold of two minimum Brazilian salaries per capita.
  • Have no fails/disapprovals in your “Histórico Escolar”, and have English language skills.
  • Possessing a special talent in music, arts, drama or sports is an advantage.
  • Live in São Paulo, at a maximum travelling distance of one hour from St. Paul’s (Rua Juquiá, 166, Jd Paulistano).

About the scholarship programme

The St. Paul’s Foundation aims to provide full scholarship for gifted children living in Brazil to study at St. Paul’s. Through the Scholarship Programme, the foundation aims to fund a minimum of two scholars per year to complete their education at St. Paul’s.

“We want excellent students who have the right attitude, drive and commitment to benefit from the opportunities offered by the scholarship programme and to contribute to the school”, states Mr James Wilkinson, the foundation’s chairman.

If you have any questions about the scholarship programme, you can email

2 thoughts on “St. Paul’s Foundation releases scholars’ selection process for 2020

  1. Viviane dos Santos Farias

    Bom dia. Meu filho tem interesse de participar do processo seletivo. Aguardamos resposta pq não achamos a ficha de inscrição.


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