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St. Paul’s achieves excellence once again as a British School Overseas

The Independent Schools Inspectorate has just released the 2019 report about St. Paul’s, and we are delighted to share that our school is judged as excellent!

To find out more you can read the full 2019 inspection report here.

The ISI is a body approved by the British government for the purpose of inspecting independent schools in England and overseas. The inspection of the school is from an educational perspective, evaluating the standards relating to the quality of education, the spiritual, moral, social and cultural of pupils among other aspects.

The key findings of this last inspection at St. Paul’s were that both the quality of the pupils’ learning and achievement and the pupils’ personal development at St. Paul’s are excellent. According to ISI 2019 report, St. Paul’s:

“promotes principles which enable pupils to develop self-knowledge, self-esteem and self-confidence; distinguish right from wrong; accept responsibility for their behaviour; contribute to the lives of others; and gain knowledge and respect for public institutions in England and for the responsibilities of Brazilian citizenship”.

“We know just how rigorous this process is, and how high the standards are that need to be achieved.  For this reason, we are very proud of the outcomes of this report, which certifies that St. Paul’s meets all the highest standards as an independent school”, says Ms Louise Simpson, the school’s head.

In 2012, St. Paul’s became the first South American School to be formally recognised by the UK government as a British School Overseas. Three years later, in December 2015 , the school was inspected again, and achieved excellence, thus renewing our BSO accreditation. We are delighted that we are able to maintain this excellent standard with this most recent report.