Monthly Archives: April 2019

Green Week at St. Paul’s

In the last few days, pupils have learned about the impact we have on the environment and how we can do our little bit to make a difference. We have been celebrating Green Week, focusing on environmental issues across the school with different activities.
In the Pre-Prep, the children have learned about recycling and how to separate rubbish into the correct dustbins. They have also made organic fertilizer and added it to the garden to help our trees and plants grow. Prep School eco-warriors taught other pupils how to reduce the use of paper towels in school, and thought about food wastage during lessons. In the Senior School, pupils had the chance to attend an interesting debate about the need to balance farming with the environment in Brazil, and welcomed a guest speaker to talk about soil and plants.
“It is always pleasing to know that young people remain so committed and optimistic about this important theme and their awareness and environmental consciousness are wonderfully infectious. I hope that all of us will choose to make at least one small change to our lives and practices this week, with a view to reducing our ecological footprints. If we all make a small difference then collectively, I hope, we can make a significant one”, says Ms Louise Simpson, the Head.

Equality and Kindness week at St. Paul’s

Kindness is fundamental to the human existence and this week it has been the focus across St. Paul’s School. Being such a basic aspect of human relationships, it forms one of the fundamental parts of the Golden Rules and the Code of Honour in our school. This year we were delighted to be joined by Paralympian and diversity champion Claire Harvey MBE, one of the keynote speakers at our last education conference, who has led pupils, staff and parents to reflect on the importance of being kind and treating others as equals. 

Pre-Prep pupils a special talk from Claire, where they made “diversity flowers”, writing on petals to celebrate their differences and share their hopes and dreams for the future. The Prep School enjoyed a range of talks throughout the week, learning about the importance of inclusion and resistance. Senior pupils were challenged in their PE to reflect on how much they take for granted when forced to play a volleyball match without moving their legs. Senior School also enjoyed an inspiring talk on the importance of embracing others for who they are, and allowing people to be themselves without fear of judgment. They were led to reflect on how it is easy to create “in-groups”, often excluding anyone who is different on a subconscious level. 

Staff and parents have also been inspired by Claire’s amazing story this week, and we are grateful for all her hard work this week in challenging and inspiring us all.