Excellent IB results for St. Paul’s once again

Once again the St. Paul’s School Upper Sixth are celebrating some fabulous IB diploma results across the full range of curriculum subjects and we congratulate them all!

This year’s diploma cohort, the largest in the school to date, celebrate an average points score of 33 (10% above the world average). We are especially proud that over 90% of pupils achieved the bilingual diploma, studying both Portuguese and English as a first language, and that our modern languages remain a real strength in the school. All pupils studying a second modern language scored one of the top two grades (6 or 7) and are well placed to be excellent global communicators.

Special congratulations must go to those pupils scoring 40 or more points (from a maximum of 45). This is an enormous achievement and puts them in the top 2% of IB diploma graduates globally. Very well done to them!

Internationally recognised as one of the most rigorous post-16 academic programmes, the IB diploma provides a balanced curriculum of 6 subjects for each candidate, including languages, maths, science, the humanities and the creative arts. In addition, the core, which includes a 4000 word academic research paper, theory of knowledge and creativity, activity and service, ensures that candidates have a broad, global mindset and a strong set of human values. IB graduates really are well prepared for their university experience and lives in the adult world, whether at home or overseas.

These results are the product of much commitment, determination, support and encouragement for the pupils from all sides and we thank the teachers, support staff, parents, friends and the wider school community for their part in the achievements of theseyoung men and women. It is not easy to complete a school journey with such a challenging sixth form curriculum and we congratulate every pupil for their individual achievements. We wish them well for the future and hope they will come back and see us soon!

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