St. Paul’s to represent Latin America in the Wharton Investment Competition World finals

We are delighted to share that a group of St. Paul’s Lower 6th pupils (Lorenzo, Julia, Annie, Raphaella and Victoria), who formed the investment club Lions of Wall Street – have achieved a place in the Knowledge at Wharton High School (KWHS) Investment Competition world finals. 

KWHS has a mission to provide pupils and educators around the world with a deeper understanding of business and finance and to equip them with the skills needed to excel in the global marketplace. It is a part of the Wharton Business School of the University of Pennsylvania. The Latin America and Caribbean region competition is organized and run by the Wharton Alumni Association of Brazil.

In the competition, each team is tasked with trading its own portfolio of virtual cash over 10 weeks, using Wharton’s Online Trading and Investment Simulator (OTIS). This is to gain foundational knowledge and understanding of financial markets across the world. The competition, though, begins in earnest when teams move on to design their choice of an investment portfolio for a designated person. They had to research it considering financial, personal, ethical and wider-world issues to develop the most suitable range of investments.

Based on their unique portfolio, the teams write an in-depth report justifying their choices with sophisticated financial indicators and models. They also include personal, and group development considerations, such as teamwork, communication and hi-tech usage and are rewarded for creativity. The reports are submitted directly to Wharton where a panel of judges decide, on the quality of this content, the top ten teams in the Latin America and Caribbean region.

The St Paul’s Lions of Wall Street gained a place in the Latin America finals, out of a total entry of 60 Schools across the region. On Saturday 15th February, they were invited to give a live presentation on stage at BTG Pactual to a panel of judges, made up of prominent financiers, and in front of a live audience of Wharton representatives, local financiers, parents and peers. The competitors were judged on the quality of the investment portfolio, the creativity of delivery, and financial acumen. They also faced some hard questions from the judges.


“I am so very proud of them. These pupils spent the past six months working with dedication and determination well beyond the call of duty and outside normal class time. They were learning, designing, writing, rehearsing, communicating, collaborating, working together as a team and being fantastic ambassadors for St. Paul’s School. They worked really hard with the help of their volunteer mentor, Mrs Rebeca Ouro Preto” explained economics teacher, Mr Robert Cooper Blanks.

As a recognition of their outstanding performance, they were awarded second place in the Latin America and Caribbean regional finals and a place in the world finals to be held in May 2020, at the Wharton Business School, University of Pennsylvania. All our best wishes will fly out with them when they depart. 

1 thought on “St. Paul’s to represent Latin America in the Wharton Investment Competition World finals

  1. L. Casey

    I led an “Investment Challenge” ECA in the late 90s, which was fun and greatly added to the investment knowledge of students. It was mostly the F3-F5 age group who participated.

    To the credit of Headmaster McCann who generously supported an IT infrastructure far ahead of other schools, students participated in an online competition with focus on stocks in the S&P500 pool. Contestants were given $100,000USD in fantasy money to trade online and were permitted to buy on margin or short sell. After 10 weeks, the winner had almost double the initial stake. (I forgot who it was.)

    It was delightful to read that St. Paul’s still holds financial literacy in high esteem. Well done!

    Mr. Casey – IT teacher (late-90s to early 00s)


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