St. Paul’s pupils CAS project brings together audiobooks for the elderly

Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the three essential elements that every pupil must complete as part of the Diploma Programme (DP). At our school, our pupils engage and create a number of CAS projects.  

One of our newest projects is Bookscape, a website that brings together audiobooks with poems and tales for the elderly living in the residential homes supported by the British Society. The pupils who devised the project were concerned with the mental health of the elderly members of the community feeling isolated during the pandemic restrictions. Bookscape was developed so that the elderly could enjoy their free time and as a consequence show that they feel cared for and connected to the community. Currently, two homes are benefiting from the project:  Casa Madre Teodora dos Idosos and Lar Bênção.

All poems read were in Portuguese (our target audience’s native language) and they were selected from the Domínio Público (this ensured that there were no copyright infringements).  

Well done to all Pauleans for the initiative!

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