St. Paul’s School achieves its Eco-School accreditation

We are delighted to announce that we have just achieved our Eco-Schools accreditation. Celebrating the end of our school’s Green week last week, the timing could be more perfect.

Eco-Schools is an internationally recognised programme which encourages the whole school community, staff, pupils and parents, to support the school in becoming more sustainable. Through this programme, young people experience a sense of achievement at being able to have a say in the environmental management policies of their schools, ultimately steering them towards certification and the prestige which comes with being awarded a Green Flag. 

Since 2019 the Eco-Committee has been working towards attaining the Eco-Schools certification. During this time, the Eco-Committee and pupils have gathered evidence of all the green-related projects and initiatives happening throughout the school. After submitting the evidence, we are delighted to announce that St. Paul’s School has been awarded the Green Flag, providing us with recognition for our commitment to being a better and greener school.

This is just one step in what we believe will be an exciting and ongoing journey for our school to reduce its carbon footprint and expand on the initiatives we have already established.

Here are some of the initiatives that have taken place:

  • Pupils have become Eco-Warriors across the Junior School with different projects involving the pupils and the community.
  • Green week projects across the school
  • Reduction of single-use plastic across the school
  • A partnership with a local recycling company to collect and recycle the school’s waste

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