St. Paul’s pupil competes for a place in the Brazilian Olympic swimming team

Whilst Form 5 were attending their last week of lessons, one member of the year group was also making sporting history! Stephanie, in Windsor South, spent the week in Rio de Janeiro competing for a place in the Brazilian Olympic swimming team.  

She broke four records for her age group in total, with her best times being a staggering 55.06 seconds in the 100m freestyle and 25.53 seconds in the 50m freestyle.  

Despite being aged only sixteen, Stephanie has secured a place in the Brazilian women’s relay team and she, along with her teammates, will hear at the end of this month if they will be going to Tokyo.  

The St. Paul’s community is very optimistic that we will see a star Paulean on television this winter, as the team’s qualifying time was one of the highest in the world. Regardless of the outcome we are incredibly proud of Stephanie. 


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