Scholarship programme applicants pre-selected for assessment stage

As we’ve passed half term and get closer to the end of this academic year, the St Paul’s Foundation scholarship programme moves forward. Applicants for joining in 2022 are moving forward with the selection process, and we move ever closer to selecting our new scholars for entry in August 2021.

Of the nearly 140 applicants to the scholarship programme for 2022 entry, 84 children aged between 10 and 15 years have been pre-selected for the next phase: the assessment day. At this point, they will sit English and cognitive tests – the same as any pupil would go through to join St. Paul’s School in our usual admissions process.

As for 2021 entry, the four candidates in preparation have just taken mid-term assessments in English and maths, with excellent results in both subjects. Throughout May, they will sit psychological evaluations, and the foundation team will interview their families. At the end of the preparation period, in mid-June, a new round of assessments will happen before the final selection.

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