St. Paul’s welcomes new staff for the 2021-22 academic year

Just before the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year, we were delighted to welcome our newcomers on an onboarding day. Following all the health and safety protocols, new teachers, assistants, and admin staff got together in the school’s theatre for a whole day of information sessions organised by the HR department.  

The purpose of the event was to familiarise our new staff members with our culture, systems, processes, and departments before the beginning of the school year.  

 The group was composed of 30 new members of staff – the most significant number we have ever had in one single day. It is a very diverse group, including people coming from England, Ireland, the United States, Guatemala, and Nigeria. We also have had people from different parts of Brazil – besides São Paulo, Brasília, Pernambuco, and from a wide range of schools: private (international, bilingual, and Brazilian) and public institutions.   

 “We know moving to a new country – or starting a new job with a new employer, even in the same city – can be overwhelming. Therefore, we launched a guardian angel programme in which each new member of staff is paired with a team member who is here for more time, so they will get some help on how to navigate through the school, and get acquainted to our day-to-day more easily”, explained Cristina Verona, the Director of HR and Staff Development.  

 Giovana Rovai, our new Prep School teacher, enjoyed our programme: “It was engaging, and it helped me learn more about St. Paul’s culture and mission. It made me feel welcome and included from day one.”  


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