St. Paul’s announce the launch of a new endowment fund and plans to share its excellence more widely 

With a seed capital of R$ 15 million coming from FABEC, the new endowment will help the school to achieve its centennial target of having 10% of Senior School pupils enrolled as scholars 

It was with immense pleasure that we announced the creation of the St. Pauls Endowment, an innovative initiative to raise funds and help us to achieve our centennial target of having 10% of our Senior School pupils enrolled as full scholars. It means that, in the coming five years, our plan is to have 50 scholars in the Senior School.   

Over the last few years, through careful financial management, our school has managed to grow the development fund and delivered returns well above inflation. By understanding that “development” means more than bricks and new buildings, our Board of Governors decided to donate to the St. Paul’s Endowment R$ 15 million as a seed capital. This amount and any future aid will come from the development fund’s excess return. To make the endowment fully sustainable and enable it to fulfil its long-term role, we will need to raise a total of R$ 200 million in the next years.  

We will be counting on the support and generosity of the entire community of Pauleans to grow this endowment and to leave this important legacy to future generations. To encourage all Pauleans to engage and contribute to this project, our Board of Governors has also established that it will match every Real donated by the school’s community with another Real for the endowment up to an additional R$10 million – this means that in total R$ 25 million were earmarked for this very special project.  

Besides supporting the current St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme, the endowment will also provide for the Bursary Fund, offering temporary hardship assistance to help parents working to overcome financial hardship, with money reserved for candidates entitled to a partial fee assistance depending on the results of means testing.  

“Aligned with the best practices of some of the leading universities around the world, our endowment will serve as a link across generations of Pauleans translating past successes into future opportunities”, said Mr Edward Weaver. “We want to open our gates to exceptional talent, from within our immediate community and from further afield, to attract, develop and celebrate pupils that would otherwise not be able to study here. This talent will enrich our school, will inspire our pupils, and will transform lives”, Mr Weaver adds. 

Strategic plan 

As announced last term by our Headmaster Mr Titus Edge, the 5-year strategic plan builds on this legacy and sets out an ambitious and exciting future for the school’s centenary and beyond. At its heart lie six key values that will define the school’s development: Aspiration, Adventure, Resilience, Responsibility, Inclusion and Kindness. These underpin the school’s future as an all-ability, high achieving and caring school that fulfils the potential of each pupil within the classroom and beyond.  

Work has already began exploring ways to expand the curricular experience for pupils and to develop the teaching and pastoral provision. It has also been some years since the school begun to also expand the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme, opening our school to a greater diversity of talent and ensuring that the school is no longer just available to those lucky enough to afford the fees. We are delighted to currently have nine scholars from Form 3 to Upper 6, and the St. Paul’s Endowment will pave the road for more.  

“Though ambitious in scale, the opportunity is there to open the school’s doors to more young people with flare and talent, regardless of their background. We all know the difference that a first-class education can make and here is a chance to light a spark that will change lives forever”, says Mr Titus Edge. 

You can also check the article by Beth Koike in Valor Econômico about our current endowment. 

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