Visual Arts in the Senior School: a wrap up!

What a joy to have all pupils on site for the whole academic year after the comes and goes of the pandemic. The buzz of pupils sharing ideas and techniques and working together on projects was invigorating for everyone.  

F1s worked in a series of technique-revisiting learned in Prep school to learn and build on new ones. They worked with ink-pen drawing and papier-mâché, producing gorgeous birds and watercolours of sea animals. 

F2s started with colouring pencil and acrylic painting reflecting onfriendship. That project led to look closely to where we live, our planet and our universe, when a series of pastel drawings and three-dimensional projects with various media were produced. We could not forget to ask who we are and what is the purpose of our lives – that resulted in honest self-portraits, dress making and model build. A set and costume designer artist visit was the great finale.  

F3s studied modern art movements and work with several techniques from painting, drawing, cardboard sculpture. Themes varied according to classes as courses were tailor-made. While some groups worked on general themes, others worked on individual themes. As a result, we could see Alice and Wonderland done in a pop art style, landscapes, self-portraits in drawing, cardboard, clay and wire, sewing body organs and models.

F4s selected individual themes for their portfolios. Various artists were looked at and they produced extraordinary studies of great artworks to understand technique and colour palette and then applying it to their own pieces. For the first time, they sat a four-hour art exam.

F5s finished their portfolios and sat bravely the famous eight-hour exam at the end of the course. The effort placed, as well as the variety of skills and techniques used throughout of the course, are to be celebrated. 


And, last but not the least, the Visual Arts IB pupils, who worked hard to find their personal expression through art using conventional and unconventional media and wrote rigorous art analysis essays and creative process accounts for their exam. An exhibition was mounted to close the process.

I finish the academic year full of hope and desire to implement new projects. Pupils are definitely my guides and with whom I have learned and continue to learn about education, creative solutions, different points of view and transformation. Everything is possible when both sides are there for each other!

Mrs Rebelo
Head of Art

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