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International Day Season 2022 is ON!

Our St. Paul’s School PTA is proud to announce that International Day Season has begun! International Day is a yearly event that brings us together to celebrate the variety of cultures in our community. The pre-events are already being launched, there are amazing initiatives taking place and still a lot more coming soon.

During the months of May and June, keep an eye on what’s going on through our International Day Instagram There will be different events taking place such as the wonderful @internationaldaysale, a Tennis & Beach Tennis championship, an Art guided tour with Claudia Moreira Salles and so much more!

Make sure you are tuned so that you do not miss out on amazing opportunities to have fun, learn and make new friends.

St. Paul’s pupil wins national round of ESU’s International Public Speaking Competition

This May, our Lower 6 pupil, Leon, competed at the national and international rounds in the ESU International Public Speaking Competition! He got to represent the state of São Paulo and beat 5 other finalists from across Brazil.

At the national finals, Leon delivered a brilliant speech on one of the possible reasons why we find so few young girls and women choosing to pursue higher studies and careers in STEM.

On 13th May, Leon then got to represent Brazil at the World Finals, which normally take place in London every May, but was conducted online for the second time running due to the COVID-19 pandemic. He faced stiff competition from Canada, Romania, The Netherlands, The People’s Republic of China, and Hong Kong

In the end, the candidate from China emerged as the 2022 ESU IPSC winner, but this does not, in any way, diminish the magnitude of Leon’s achievements and successes. Our St. Paul’s community congratulates his performance and hard work, as a true Paulean! 

St. Paul’s Foundation hosts fundraising evening with Journeys on Education

St. Paul’s Foundation welcomed dozens of members of our community on 9th May for the Gift-a-Girl Evening. The event sought to highlight the importance of providing opportunities in Education and raising funds for the scholarship programme.

The foundation hosted a dinner and a debate with the participation of special guests: the foundation scholar Ana Claudia, currently in Lower 6th, and congresswoman and former scholarship holder Tabata Amaral. With Deputy Head Zeba Clarke as the master of ceremonies, they shared their personal and academic journeys. They discussed the impact that unique educational opportunities can have on a young person’s life and their family.

Sixth Former Ana Claudia shared the lessons learned from the evening and the experience of interviewing a woman who joined a scholarship programme and had her trajectory transformed – just like her. “Interviewing Tabata was inspiring; I realised how many opportunities opened up in her life due to a scholarship. My experience as a scholar at St. Paul’s has opened up a world that made me see my biggest dreams as real possibilities”, said Ana.

The debate included questions sent by the audience, among parents, teachers and the nine current foundation scholars. Mrs Zeba Clarke spoke about how the stories shared during the evening impacted the community.

The St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme aims to provide a unique educational opportunity for talented children living in São Paulo whose family income threshold shows they could not otherwise afford an education at St. Paul’s School.

To learn more about the St. Paul’s Foundation, visit

St. Paul’s Swimming Programme is back in great style

We are delighted to resume the swimming pool after school activities as of this week, after months with no swimming lessons due to the pandemic restrictions. 

Cesar Cielo Swimming Programme is the new partner in this endeavour and, this week, we were happy to welcome Cesar on Monday, 19th, to launch the project.  

During a presentation to parents and pupils who already signed up to the programme, the olympic champion and record breaker swimmer inspired us all with his trajectory and plans for the swimming programme. Our Lower 6th pupil and also Olympic swimmer, Stephanie, also joined the session sharing her relationship with the sport and encouraging everyone to ask questions to our special guest.  

Cesar also engaged in our Senior School house assemblies, inviting all to join a future St. Paul’s swimming team.  

With this partnership, our pupils will have specialists as coaches with an Olympic champion’s signature and methodology. 

St. Paul’s Junior Varsity teams’ success in Little 8 tournament!

Our Junior Varsity pupils just came back from an amazing sports tournament, Little 8, where they received outstanding results, truly proving our Paulean spirit.

St. Paul’s competed against several of the top international schools from all over Brazil throughout a tough week. These combined results put us as the leading international school for Sport.

Our Junior Varsity Boys beat a very strong team from Campinas in the basketball final and our girls beat an equally solid British school from Rio in their final. That placed our school as Little 8 national champions in basketball!

Our Junior Varsity Girls also did an outstanding job in volleyball and didn’t lose a set all tournament! We also congratulate our Junior Varsity Boys who got a bronze medal in volleyball.

We also congratulate our PE Staff for accompanying pupils during the tournament, encouraging them and giving them the skills to success! Well done, lions!

Mental Health Week across the school!

During May, we celebrate Mental Health Awareness month and our St. Paul’s Counselling Team prepared numerous activities throughout the week, for staff, parents, and pupils, to remind us about the importance of looking after ourselves mentally and physically, connecting with others and having fun.  

St. Paul’s aim is to look at Mental Health as a social net, as something we can promote collectively, that brings our community together – supporting each other. 10% of global population had a diagnosed mental health disorder in 2017, these numbers will certainly increase post pandemic. Under the “We Care Programme”, we understand that we all have a responsibility in each other’s well-being, that by being kind to each other we create a supportive environment that promotes good mental health.  

Promoting mental health awareness is also important to reduce stigma. The more we talk about it, and more knowledge we gain, we help to reduce stigma. Stigma around mental health still exists and reduces the chances of treatment. We all, as a community, need to work intentionally to reduce stigma around Mental Health diseases.  

Pupils enjoyed receiving treats at the school’s entrance, as gentle reminders they were able to take throughout their day. Our Pre-Prep pupils designed their own cards with inspiring messages that were given to pupils and staff.  

Staff members enjoyed a special treat: a 15-minute massage! They also had special activities, such as arts and crafts workshops, games, gardening workshops and even a special themed lunch! 

Lastly, parents were invited to participate in a talk with Dr. Guilherme V. Polanczyk, hosted by Dr Laura Mack, discussing the challenges of the post-pandemic world and children’s mental health. 

We were delighted to see the community coming together for such a special cause. We also congratulate the Counselling Team for putting these events together, making this month extra special. 

A half-term filled with exciting activities

The past term has been filled with exciting activities, trips and fixtures for our pupils. As we move towards half-term break for our Junior and Senior School pupils, as well as study leave for our Form 5s and Upper 6s, we also reminisce some of the highlights of the past few months!

As we returned to classes in January, our Prep 3 pupils were surprised by new classrooms! They were designed to offer a light, inviting and stimulating environment. Pupils now can also use a Prep 3 Hub – a shared space for reading and small group work.

Prep 1s also had an amazing time getting to talk with older members of our community and learn more about our school’s history. They got to interview Old Pauleans and ask all kinds of questions about what St. Paul’s was like when they first studied here!

This term, we also launched a school podcast! For our first episode, four pupils got to interview our headmaster, Mr Titus Edge, and get to know more about his background and his plans for our school moving forward. In our second episode, parents got to ask our Deputy Head, Mrs Zeba Clarke, questions regarding safeguarding.


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The most exciting part of the term was seeing pupils’ smile for the first time in months! In the city of São Paulo, masks mandates have been lifted for indoor and outdoor spaces and it’s been great to return to a sense of normality after two years!

Our themed weeks have also been a success this term. Arts Week, Maths Week, Careers Week… Our pupils definitely enjoyed learning more and participating in different activities put together by our departments, from concerts, to competitions to workshops and assemblies.

We hope our school community enjoys their half-term break and we’ll be back with renewed energy for more amazing moments for the last half of our school year.

Junior School pupils on an Easter Egg hunt!

Last week, our Junior School pupils had a lot of fun going on an Easter Egg hunt around our school field. 

The activity was part of the pupil-led initiative called The One Goal Project. Their aim is to decrease social inequality by means of monthly goals and different fundraising projects. This month, their goal was to raise Easter egg donations for a few of our school’s charities.

Pupils who donated would also get to participate on an Easter egg hunt! They had a lot of fun running around the school field collecting eggs for their houses. The houses with most eggs on their baskets won!

Candidates to the scholarship programme meet current pupils

St. Paul’s Foundation’s selection process for 2022 entrance is underway and one of the steps of the selection process is a Prep Course at the school’s facilities. This month, in one of their lessons, all 17 of our candidates got to know and talk to our current scholars and the school prefects.

The goal of these sessions was to have our current pupils share their own experiences through two perspectives:

  • Current scholars who have gone through the selection process and adaptation a few months ago;
  • Prefects who are student leaders and have been in the school for a long time.

Prefects talked in detail about the school’s clubs and enrichment activities, opening a broader vision about this dynamic in an international school. As for our scholars, they got to share their stories as once-candidates and how the adaptation process was and the differences between St. Paul’s and Brazilian schools.

These sessions serve as an example of how the Prep course isn’t just focused on academics but aims to give candidates various perspectives about life as a St. Paul’s pupil.
If you want to learn more about our Foundation’s work, visit: or @fundacaostpauls on Instagram.

2022 Arts Week across the school!

This past week, we celebrated Arts Week at our school. The Arts, Music and Drama department worked hard coming up with a packed schedule of activities for Pre-Prep, Prep and Senior School pupils and also staff.

Our younger pupils enjoyed the company of their parents for Stay and Learn sessions, where they got to show around their own classrooms and also produce an art piece together! 

Our Prep 2 pupils also visited Pinacoteca, one of the most important art museums in Brazil. After checking out different portraits and learning about their history, pupils also got to design their own self-portrait at the museum!

In the Senior School, Form 3s had the chance to participate in a workshop organised by our Prep Art teacher, Mrs Hecker, all about Blackout Poetry! By using the page of any book, magazine or newspaper, one chooses words throughout the page to create an original poem, while blacking out the rest of the original text with colour and designs. The results turned out stunning!

The Art department also held an exhibition with some of the work done by our Senior School pupils. They used a lot of different mediums and produced some amazing pieces!

We also had concerts throughout the week, with performances by Senior and Prep pupils, and even staff! Our lunch breaks were definitely made more lively this week due to the awesome talent showcased.