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Scholarship programme applicants pre-selected for assessment stage

As we’ve passed half term and get closer to the end of this academic year, the St Paul’s Foundation scholarship programme moves forward. Applicants for joining in 2022 are moving forward with the selection process, and we move ever closer to selecting our new scholars for entry in August 2021.

Of the nearly 140 applicants to the scholarship programme for 2022 entry, 84 children aged between 10 and 15 years have been pre-selected for the next phase: the assessment day. At this point, they will sit English and cognitive tests – the same as any pupil would go through to join St. Paul’s School in our usual admissions process.

As for 2021 entry, the four candidates in preparation have just taken mid-term assessments in English and maths, with excellent results in both subjects. Throughout May, they will sit psychological evaluations, and the foundation team will interview their families. At the end of the preparation period, in mid-June, a new round of assessments will happen before the final selection.

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St. Paul’s pupil competes for a place in the Brazilian Olympic swimming team

Whilst Form 5 were attending their last week of lessons, one member of the year group was also making sporting history! Stephanie, in Windsor South, spent the week in Rio de Janeiro competing for a place in the Brazilian Olympic swimming team.  

She broke four records for her age group in total, with her best times being a staggering 55.06 seconds in the 100m freestyle and 25.53 seconds in the 50m freestyle.  

Despite being aged only sixteen, Stephanie has secured a place in the Brazilian women’s relay team and she, along with her teammates, will hear at the end of this month if they will be going to Tokyo.  

The St. Paul’s community is very optimistic that we will see a star Paulean on television this winter, as the team’s qualifying time was one of the highest in the world. Regardless of the outcome we are incredibly proud of Stephanie. 


St. Paul’s pupils CAS project brings together audiobooks for the elderly

Creativity, activity, service (CAS) is one of the three essential elements that every pupil must complete as part of the Diploma Programme (DP). At our school, our pupils engage and create a number of CAS projects.  

One of our newest projects is Bookscape, a website that brings together audiobooks with poems and tales for the elderly living in the residential homes supported by the British Society. The pupils who devised the project were concerned with the mental health of the elderly members of the community feeling isolated during the pandemic restrictions. Bookscape was developed so that the elderly could enjoy their free time and as a consequence show that they feel cared for and connected to the community. Currently, two homes are benefiting from the project:  Casa Madre Teodora dos Idosos and Lar Bênção.

All poems read were in Portuguese (our target audience’s native language) and they were selected from the Domínio Público (this ensured that there were no copyright infringements).  

Well done to all Pauleans for the initiative!

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St. Paul's International Day 2021

St. Paul’s School International Day 2021

Our PTA has just launched the International Day 2021. It is a season that unites our community to help five charities supported by usLiga Solidária, TUCCA, ACER, Mão Amiga, and the British Society.  

Please stay tuned for the upcoming events and campaigns: @stpauls_pta @internationaldaysale  


St. Paul's Foundation Scholarship Programme

St Paul’s Foundation scholarship programme making progress  

As the school starts the second term for the 2020-2021 academic year, the St. Paul’s Foundation moves forward with its scholarship programme 

 The St. Paul’s Foundation scholarship programme is now open for applications from children living in Brazil who are interested in benefitting from a British education, but who would otherwise not have access to the kind of experience St. Paul’s offers. 

 We offer an 18-month programme to select and prepare pupils to join St. Paul’s School. Applicants must be regularly attending a school in Brazil, must be aged between 11 and 15 years old on 31st December 2021, and must have excellent grades and a good knowledge of English. 

 Do you know any pupils who would be interested in this opportunity and who meet our criteria? Then let them know that they can apply exclusively through our website by 28th March 2021!  

This year’s applicants who are successful in the selection process will join St. Paul’s School in August 2022.  

 The St. Paul’s Foundation scholarship covers not only the tuition fee but many other costs supporting scholars’ lives at the school, helping with uniforms, public transportation, trips and extracurricular activities, for example. 

Candidates for 2021 entry start the preparation phase 

The four candidates for entry in August 2021 began their preparation course on Monday 8th February. 

The group of hopeful candidates are aged between 13 and 15 years old, and come from different schools in the greater São Paulo area. They attend online lessons led by volunteer teachers from St. Paul’s School – both teachers and support staff. There are three lessons a week, covering special topics. The course will end on 17th June this year. 

Over this term, the candidates will also undertake academic and psychological assessments, as the family members are interviewed by the Foundation’s team. 

IB World Schools Yearbook

St. Paul’s School featured in the new IB World Schools Yearbook

We are delighted to share our school’s profile featured in John Catt’s IB World Schools Yearbook 2020-21In the Yearbook – available in printed and online versions – you can find detailed profiles of schools authorised to offer the International Baccalaureate programmes. The Yearbook includes information on more than 5,000 IB World Schools. 

Click here to read our full profile:  

St. Paul’s profile

Updates on the St. Paul’s Foundation Scholarship Programme

We are delighted to share that four candidates aged between 13 and 15 years old are on their way to joining the preparation course, as part of the St. Paul’s Foundation scholarship programmeAfter being assessed and interviewed, these candidates will begin the preparation in February, when they will attend three weekly online lessons led by teachers from our school.  

The aim of the preparation course is to prepare them to access the school’s curriculum, and it brings together lessons on various subjects. It is the final stage of the process before the final selection of scholars for 2021 entry.  

 We wish the foundation’s candidates the best of luck in this new stage! 

Reading Week at St. Paul’s: an opportunity to share the love for literature  

In a world in which there is such a heavy reliance on modern technology, and the children’s day-to-day learning is centred around the use of digital knowledge, Reading Week at St. Paul’s was a fantastic opportunity to go back to basics with a book. Although many of the activities took place online, pupils and staff were able to join together to share their love for literature.  

Meet Up sessions across the Prep School came alive with the sound of turning pages, as many children revelled in the excitement of sharing their favourite book or character with their teacher and peers. Drop Everything And Read sessions were extremely popular with children getting into character on the final day of Reading Week. Dressed as their favourite character, children were able to share their own stories, inspired by the books they were reading.  

Pupils were also presented with one last final surprise. Famous authors, including Katherine Rundell, Frank Cottrell-Boyce, Andy Cope and Steve Skidmore, sent in messages and video posts to the children, to congratulate and celebrate their efforts during the week. All were incredibly inspiring, motivating and spreading a united message to the children: read, read and READ!  

In the Senior School, Reading Week 2020 brought many activities. One of the most memorable campaigns was the six-word memoir competition. Since 2006, Larry Smith has been challenging people to describe their lives in six words, a form called the six-word memoir — a personal twist on the legendary six-word story attributed to Ernest Hemingway: “For sale: baby shoes, never worn.” He found that some of the most memorable six-word stories arise in the extremes — during our most challenging and most joyous moments. So, over the past several months, he asked adults and children around the country to use the form to make sense of this moment in history: one person, one story, and six words at a time.   

You can find just a small selection of the creative compositions we received from our Senior School pupils below:   

  We congratulate all our pupils who engaged in our Reading Week this term. Well done! 

A new Spotlight for our community

The British Society has published a new issue of the Spotlight magazine. A key publication for the community in São Paulo, it shares news on the events and achievements of British organisations, including St. Paul’s School. This new edition also has a new editorial council and layout and aims to attract interest from more readers in and outside the community. 

The latest issue also includes an interview with our headmaster, Mr Titus Edge, where he reflected on his move to São Paulo, schools’ experiences during the pandemic in Brazil and the UK, as well as some of his plans for the future.  

Read the new Spotlight here: 

St. Paul’s School featured in the John Catt’s Guide to International Schools 2020-21

We are delighted to share our school’s profile featured in the John Catt’s Guide to International Schools 2020-21. 

The publication reunites useful information for anyone looking for details of international schools around the world. 

Click here to read our full profile: