Homework is an integral part of the educational programme at the school.  It complements, supports and reinforces the work that is done in the classroom. Parents are expected to support this policy.

Regular and properly completed homework helps pupils to acquire the valuable habits of independent study, meeting deadlines and presenting effective and well-ordered assignments. These habits are all an important part of their academic development.

It is of great value if a pupil can be encouraged to sit down to do his or her homework in a quiet place at a regular time each day.  Ideally pupils should complete their homework as soon as possible after they have arrived home.

Pupils in Forms 1, 2 and 3 have homework in all the academic subjects that they study. In any week, this amounts to two or three 30-minute pieces of homework each evening. Pupils in these years may sometimes also be expected to complete music/art/drama assignments during the week.

Pupils in Forms 4 and 5 are set two to four 40-minute pieces of homework each evening.

Sixth Form pupils are expected to do homework for 2½ – 3 hours per evening. A homework guide is given to the Lower Sixth.

Pupils who fail to complete an assigned homework task can be given a homework detention, and pupils are expected to complete any unfinished work during that time.