Digital learning

Developing digital citizens for the 21st century

Digital transformation is an indisputable force, revolutionising industries and reshaping the workplace. Education system leaders around the globe are faced with the challenge of incorporating technology to enhance the curriculum. At St. Paul’s School, we are proud of embracing the latest in educational technology.

At St. Paul’s, our Digital Learning team ensures that technology is purposefully integrated into the curriculum to add value to every pupil’s learning experiences. By encouraging digital literacy at a young age among our pupils, we hope to expose them to all the benefits of digital learning. Technology is used in meaningful ways, to develop pupils to become empowered learners, global collaborators, knowledge constructors, digital citizens, innovator designers, computational thinkers and creative communicators. For its excellent use of technology in education, St. Paul’s is recognised as an Apple Distinguished School and a Microsoft Showcase School.

Everyday immersion in technology is supported through a 1:2 iPad programme for children in Prep 1 and 2, a 1:2 iPad programme for Prep 3, 4 and 5, and a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programme for Senior School pupils. To encourage collaborative and personalised learning, we also use the Microsoft Office 365 suite for all staff and pupils. All file sharing is cloud-based, so pupils and teachers benefit from the “anytime, anyplace” learning opportunities. Classrooms are set up with interactive whiteboards and Apple TVs. There is also a creative space where pupils can get hands-on experience with 3D design, robotics and carving machines.

The security of this network and the e-safety of our pupils and staff is also a top priority, and the necessary steps have been taken to ensure the highest standards are in place. Our IT team ensures that we have a fast, secure and monitored network and as an educational institution, we are committed to helping pupils navigate some of the negative aspects of the online world such as cyberbullying, plagiarism and invasion of privacy. 

Digital learning in practice

Pre-Prep School

  • iPads for pupils 1:2 and for all teachers
  • Engaging electronic learning journals for teachers to share pupils’ development with parents
  • Carefully sourced and selected apps to develop core skills and pupil’s creativity

 Prep and Senior School

  • Independent learning, collaborative group work
  • Anytime, anywhere learning (explore different learning environments)
  • Collaborative work and interaction between pupils and teachers
  • Carefully sourced and selected apps and software to develop core skills and pupil’s creativity, communications, problem-solving, research fluency and coding skills
  • Focus on digital literacy, citizenship and e-Safety
  • Pupils take ownership of their learning through 1:1 and “bring your own device” programme
  • Blended and flipped learning

Learning tools

At St. Paul’s, the Digital Learning team has established a partnership with the Learning Support Unit, to explore together with the pupils how technology can help them to learn and express their ideas. They have selected apps and software to help them develop their productivity, organisation, reading and writing to help them be more independent in their learning.


Digital leaders

To ensure that St. Paul’s School is kept modern and up to date with today’s rapidly evolving technology, the school has a group of digital leaders, formed of pupils from the Senior and Prep School. Their work is focused on:

  • testing software and apps before we roll them out to teachers and pupils
  • advocating for the safe and responsible use of digital devices and resources
  • offering support for pupils who had difficulties embarking on the digital journey 
  • helping us to learn about pupils’ concerns and needs.

St. Paul’s selected as a Microsoft Showcase School for 2017-18

St. Paul’s named Apple Distinguished School