Digital learning in practice

Pre-Prep School

  • Investments in new devices
  • Engaging electronic learning journals for teachers to share pupils’ development with parents
  • Carefully sourced and selected software to develop core skills

 Prep School

  • Investments in new devices
  • Collaborative work and interaction
  • Development of creativity, research fluency and coding skills
  • Focus on digital citizenship and e-Safety

Senior School

  • Greater collaboration and interaction in lessons
  • Pupils take ownership of their learning through “bring your own device” policy
  • Development of digital literacy, coding and robotics
  • Move towards blended and flipped classrooms


One-to-one iPad programme

When walking down the Prep School corridors and peeking into classrooms, you will be amazed to see how teachers have carefully designed lessonsthat include the use of technology in meaningful ways, curating apps that allow pupils to develop their collaboration, communication, innovation, problem solving and critical thinking skills. Using technology is never the objective of the lessons, but rather a means of developing learning objectives and skills included in the school’s curriculum. Through the increased use of digital devices, the children have been able to take part in mystery Skype sessions, robotics experiments, video making, book publishing, and lessons outside the classrooms, presentations, game coding, and even STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and maths) fairs.

BYOD programme

It is hard to imagine what the Senior School was like before the introduction of the BYOD programme. Pupils say this was a turning point in their life at school. Having constant access to digital resources has allowed them to work with different information and develop their critical thinking skills. It has also allowed them to create new products and express their knowledge in different forms, developing their communication, creativity and innovation skills.

Digital leaders

To ensure that our practice is St. Paul’s School is always in line with today’s rapidly evolving technology, the school has a group of digital leaders, formed by pupils from Senior and Prep School. Their work is focused on:

– testing software and apps before we roll them out to teachers and pupils,

– advocating for the safe and responsible use of digital devices and resources,

– offering support for pupils who had difficulties embarking on the digital journey, and

– helping us to learn about pupils’ concerns and needs.