Music tuition scheme

Anyone who works in the arts will tell you that, as well as being great fun, it is a serious business. In order to be a successful musician and to progress in one’s instrument, it is important to develop those skills in the hands of well qualified professionals and against the backdrop of a well-structured programme which allows progression and integrated assessment.

Here at St. Paul’s we offer a unique programme of individual music tuition for children in the school which includes the teaching of the London College of Music syllabuses and children will be entered for the practical examinations at appropriate stages on their music journey.

The practical exams are internationally recognised and allow progression from initial level (beginner standard) to grade 8 and diploma level (music teacher standard). They are highly valued by universities around the world and we are the first school in Brazil to offer this opportunity to our pupils. The lessons are part of our co-curricular enrichment programme and are delivered during the school day on a rotation basis (as in most UK schools).

Practical tuition is offered in piano, organ, strings (violin, viola and cello) and voice, as these are the instruments that generate the most interest among our pupils and which are helping to establish a firm basis for orchestral and ensemble playing within the school.  All pupils who are learning to sing are expected to take part in the school choirs and string players in the string groups and orchestra.

For those who prefer to learn an instrument outside of school time, there are a number of instruments offered as part of our PASA scheme (paid after school activities). Currently, these include flute, clarinet, trumpet, guitar and drums/percussion.