In the St. Paul’s Pre-Prep we offer a curriculum that provides high quality learning experiences in an inclusive, challenging and creative way. It ensures all children have the opportunity to achieve their full potential. We are committed to meeting the needs of all our children – intellectual, spiritual, emotional, physical, social and cultural.

At the heart of our curriculum are the children that we teach, and we value and respond to their interests in our lessons. High quality children’s literature, talk, knowledge and understanding of the world around them are central to teaching and learning. We support the curriculum by providing first hand experiences for the children to enjoy. We offer these both in and out of school through trips to a park, gallery or museum or visits from local religious leaders or artists. Our aim is for children to feel a deep sense of belonging to their community, their city and their world.

Topic-based learning

An essential part of our Pre-Prep curriculum is our approach to planning. We use topics that revolve around developmentally sensitive units of study that challenge children and allow them to experience success. Our topics are broad and balanced. They allow flexibility for children to explore the themes in the way that is most meaningful to them, therefore making the learning engaging and long lasting.