Golden Rules

The Quality Circle Time model is used to structure the personal, social and emotional teaching across the Pre-Prep. Through Quality Circle Time, pupils develop their social and moral awareness by learning how to put the Golden Rules into practice.

They also learn how to manage their own behaviour and take responsibility for their choices and actions. This is done through a consistent, positive reinforcement approach in which both positive and negative behaviours have consequences. Children learn to monitor their own behaviour on a very visual and child-accessible behaviour chart.

Pre-Prep pupils have the opportunity to celebrate their efforts in making the right choices and understanding the Golden Rules in Golden Time. Golden Time happens each Friday and children choose how to spend the afternoon in fun ways as a reward with their class.

The Golden Rules:

  • We are honest.

  • We are gentle.

  • We are kind and helpful.

  • We listen to people.

  • We work hard.

  • We look after property.