Prep School

Welcome to the Prep School at St. Paul’s.  We believe that every child has an infinite amount of potential to be explored and developed as they learn. We aim to make every day at school packed with exciting learning opportunities. As a British school in the heart of Brazil, we recognise and celebrate the best of British and Brazilian culture and traditions.

A global world

We provide learning opportunities that help our pupils become internationally minded, flexible, resilient and collaborative. We recognise that they need to be ready for a truly global world where they may move countries and jobs at an unprecedented rate. The Prep School learning journey therefore aims to ensure that they will be well prepared for this.

Creative curriculum

In the Prep School, we follow the English national curriculum which is delivered through overarching themes and concepts. These themes are explored through high-quality literature that allows for a language-rich environment helping pupils develop critical thinking skills and deep knowledge of the world around them.

A holistic approach

In the Prep School, we place tremendous importance on the development of the whole child and give equal care and attention to pupils’ moral and social development throughout their primary years. We also focus on helping them develop healthy and proactive attitudes, alongside a clear sense of responsibility to help those less well-off and to make a positive contribution to the world they live in.

Our PSHE and musical, artistic, sporting, charitable and enrichment curricula are dynamic and innovative and help us to ensure that our pupils are developing wide ranging interests and abilities. As you will see as your explore our website, our children are happy and confident; they feel valued and appreciated and understand that our expectations of them are high. They rise to the challenge and make us proud every day. Welcome!