Creative curriculum

In the Prep School, we follow the English national curriculum which is delivered through the IPC (the international primary curriculum). The IPC is an exciting and innovative approach to learning which helps us to prepare our children with the right skills and attitudes for an ever changing future.

The curriculum focuses on developing skills and understanding. It helps ensure that our pupils are fully engaged in their learning and are able to develop the necessary 21st century skills. We combine the subjects within each unit and this exposes pupils to text writing, specific grammar foci, spelling, guided reading and drama.

They learn to develop English through engaging topics such as ‘Fit for life’, ‘Mission: new horizons’, ‘Groovy Greeks’ and ‘Different places, similar lives.’ Entry points and knowledge harvests which culminate in exciting exit points allow pupils to develop a rich breadth of knowledge. They also ensure that pupils have the best and most engaging learning experiences every day. We plan several day and residential trips throughout the year, affording our pupils experiential learning opportunities to link what they learn in the classroom with the wider world beyond those walls.