Powerful pupils

We believe wholeheartedly in helping our pupils become responsible, caring and proactive about making positive changes here at school and in the wider world, as well as helping them to develop their full potential. Each class selects a representative for the Prep School Council and another for our Eco-warriors committee. Here pupils bring issues for discussion and push forward ideas to help our school, and world, become a better place.

They learn to be democratic and articulate and are justifiably proud of all they accomplish. We also encourage our pupils to take charge of their learning. Our older pupils run their own parent conferences. They explain how they have developed knowledge of themselves as learners in order to overcome challenges in the classroom and maximise their academic potential.

Our pupils also understand that our sense of happiness and wellbeing is often interconnected with that of others. Many of them therefore join the SPFS (St. Paul’s Friendship Squadron) to make sure no child spends playtime alone.