Pupil voice

Senior School Council

Our school council is now very well established, with representatives of each year meeting with the Headmaster, Head of Senior School, Bursar, Senior Master and Assistant Head (Sixth Form), Assistant Head (Pastoral) on a regular basis. This forum offers pupils the chance to raise issues of concern, giving the whole pupil population a voice in the running of the school. It allows them to take ownership of their learning experience.

The members of the school council are elected by each year group at the start of the academic year, having submitted manifestoes and campaigned via our annual hustings. Thanks to the School Council, we have seen new juices being added to the menu, a larger range of sandwiches served at lunchtime, new proposals for community service projects about to take off and even changes to our reporting and grading system being approved for the next academic year.

Prefect team

From Prep Council representatives to the Varsity team captains, pupils of all ages and interests may put their names forward to be a leader in some capacity. Being appointed as a school prefect is one of the highest honours the school has to offer, an appointment which also bears tremendous responsibility. Prefects are selected by the Headmaster based on their academic profile, extracurricular participation and leadership potential. Their duties include:

  • Meeting with the Headmaster and his team every fortnight to voice the concerns of pupils and introduce innovative ideas to improve school-life
  • Serving as ambassadors to the school, meeting with prospective parents and giving them a tour around the school
  • Assisting teachers in maintaining order during break and lunch in the tuck shop and the library

Additionally, every prefect is assigned a specific role and is expected to work with teachers to promote his or her area in school. For example, this year’s art prefect worked closely with the art department to organise arts week. The school captain is the leader of the prefect team, who, together with his or her vice captains, also serves as the Upper Sixth representative on the Senior School Council and represents the school at formal events. Together, the prefects are the official leaders of the pupil body, promoting progressive change while earnestly embodying the school’s values.