The roar of the Lion

Sport is an essential ingredient of our school’s culture; it is embraced as an opportunity for growth, and for developing what we refer to as “quality Pauleans”, pupils who develop personality traits that embody the school’s values. Our young sportsmen and sportswomen are respectful, trustworthy, kind, honest and hard-working in everything that they do. Through sport they learn lessons that will remain with them for life.

Our pupils are encouraged to explore the wide range of sporting clubs on offer as a way of developing a lifelong passion for sport and physical activity. Pupils enjoy a variety of activities to suit all talents and interests and the best facilities to explore them in, supported by a team of experienced, motivational staff committed to seeing them succeed. Whether swimming, badminton, rowing, rugby, volleyball, basketball, football, futsal, or even table tennis, sport at St. Paul’s helps pupils nurture healthy self-esteem, and a healthy lifestyle.

Our pupils are aware of the privilege and responsibility they bear when they represent St. Paul’s in a sports arena, both in local championships, and on the international scene. St. Paul’s sports teams are known as “The Lions” and the name is certainly apt; they are fierce, courageous, united, and above all, proud of all that they achieve, in victory and in defeat.